...que te come. Jústamente eso debieron haber sentido en Technorati con una serie de posts durísmos en contra este servicio de seguimiento de blogs. La mejor manera de responder a las hordas de webloggers enojados es haciendo las cosas bien, o al menos corrigiéndolas. David Sifry:

Recently a number of people have had some pretty public complaints about some of Technorati's services. Thanks for the terrific feedback and comments. I feel your pain. We sat down, listened hard to what you were saying, and then got to work. And tonight, we rolled out a raft of bug fixes and performance enhancements that should help most, if not all of the Cosmos (URL) searches you do on Technorati. It will also help with the speed of all searches across the site.

(Vía Abladías