John Gibson de Fox News (canal de noticias estadounidense con inclinaciones muy conservadoras) escribe sobre los linchamientos en San Juan Ixtayopan en Tlahuac:

The cops were held by the crowd for hours and the Mexican police say heavy traffic and residents blocking the way prevented cops from getting to the scene in time to prevent the immolation. Television footage appeared on Mexican TV of the cops being interviewed, broken noses, bloody mouths, their clothes torn off, just before they were lit on fire.

What are we supposed to take from this?

You might say this does not bode well for anti-terror efforts between the U.S. and Mexico if Mexico cannot even keep its own anti-terror cops from being burned to death by anybody with a gallon of gas and a match. Al Qaeda (search) usually comes better armed than that.

When George W. Bush speaks to Vicente Fox, I wonder if he can nudge him about this situation: Mr. Presidente, in your capital city, street mobs are burning cops to death. In Mexico's War on Terror that's a good place to start.

Nada más para dejar claro el último párrafo, lo traduzco:

Me pregunto si George W. Bush le podría dar un codazo a Vicente Fox y preguntarle: Sr. Presidente en la capital de tu país trombas de gente está quemando y matando policías. Tal vez México es un buen lugar para empezar con la guerra contra el terrorismo.

Todo el artículo lo pueden leer aquí. Ustedes, queridos lectores, dirán.

(Vía Javier Solórzano y Carmen Aristegui)