It is very important to write your extended essay in your academic career. After you have finished writing your essay you will be required to write an abstract.

There are many things to keep in mind when writing an abstract some of which are given below:

  • Make sure that you keep your work not overly long. An abstract should merely serve as a tool that supports the main points that you have made in your essay. If the abstract is too long it will simply keep the reader uninterested and his attention will simply be not on your paper. Generally a good length of an abstract is not more than 300 words.
  • Research question is a pretty important part of your abstract. In a way this is kind of a backbone of your entire work. The entire work revolves around this question and if your work has some logical flaws or problems then people will see it in a research question. The research question should be worked at for a long time and you should definitely come to a logical ending in your work so that people are able to see that everything fits.
  • Scope of Investigation is an important part of your work. You have to do be willing to do research from all different angles; different points of view should be combined and looked at. Another important thing is you have to put a description of main problems in your work, make sure you stick to the point and not go off track. It is however, not that important to go into too much detail about things, mentioning things will be just enough.
  • Methodology. Generally you have to provide some information in a few sentences of which methodology you used when writing your abstract. You should be able to explain the usefulness of these methods and which you thought helped you along the way, which obstacles you have faced during the writing process and so on and so forth. Scholars usually look at the methodology first and most of them are able to tell whether the person did his research well and whether the work is of any substance, all of this simply by looking at this section of the work.

The conclusion of your extended essay. In this part you have to summarize what you have learned throughout the entire process, you should be able to list all of your achievements and some new added knowledge you have obtained. It is never too late to prove certain things wrong or perhaps to discover something that wasn’t quite known yet before buy term papers, so make sure to include all of that into your conclusion. This part is also where you write about unanalyzed aspects of your work, that will give other people more room to do some of their own research or perhaps it will pique an interest of some scholar or a person to dig deeper and find out new things about the topic.