There are a lot of problems that students who work and study at the same face. They have to earn money for their living while studying at the same time which can be pretty challenging.

When you talk to your peers and ask them what they are doing over the weekend they usually tell you that they have some fancy party coming up or a trip to a big city where they see a concert or something similar that is equally cool. While you have to go to work and study for a class at the same time. Talking to your employer can seem like a good solution if you want some free time to prepare for your studies, but at the same time you have to go and talk to your professor to tell him that you need some time to work. This very quickly becomes a Catch-22 where your options become extremely limited.

You spend your time reflecting back on the good old days where you could study during the weekday and then hang out with your friends on the week end; additionally you remember how you always had a lot of time for your hobbies, sports exercises, going to shopping malls and other interesting things.

If you are a creative student you can simply forget about any free time to work on your craft entirely. If you are helping out someone with teaching or assisting someone with this or that and you are quite good at that it can become detrimental not only to you but also to the person that perhaps might really need this assistance in this or that assignment Write my homework for me.

The worst part about everything is that there’s also those huge assignment which you have to finish, which all have their own strict deadlines and not doing them will lead to a suspension or expulsion. With all of this stress combined and pressing onto you how can you do all of your tasks and feel good at the same time. You go to your work exhausted, barely slept during the night, going through the motions with difficulties and apathy, you go to your classes with little enthusiasm at all and even barely paying attention to what the professor is saying.

There has to be some sort of system to streamline the whole process, everyone should be more understanding towards each other, both employers and the professors. Assignments are good but when you do not devote your best time to them and when you’re not thinking clearly about the whole thing it can turn into a pretty big problem which can be difficult to solve.