Your personal statement is the key to the puzzle when applying for a university. Admission tutors heavily rely on this piece of writing when they decide whether you’re good enough to join the school. It takes time and dedication to write a high-class personal statement. When you are given the task of writing a personal statement, keep in mind that the statement itself is the only thing they demand from you. Nothing else. Keep the following tips in mind when you are preparing a personal statement for college.


Carefully think about what you’re going to mention. Analyse your interests and the purpose of writing your personal statement. Don’t rush yourself with details you can’t expand upon. Think through each of the points you will be mentioning and the impact that they will have on your application process. Admission tutors are eager to come across exclusive and objective insight in your personal statement at essay panda.


To win in the battle against other potential students, you need to compose a personal statement that will make you stand out of the crowd. It is preferable if you share really personal information, the things that only your family and friends know about. Admission tutors love to read something special, not just the typical details that you would normally disclose to people you don’t know.

Tell a story

A personal statement to the committees is like your life story. It must be interesting to read, but it doesn’t mean that you should be lying. No matter how crazy it might seem, speak the truth. Committee members are experienced in processing countless personal statements and they know when an individual isn’t speaking the truth.

Opening paragraphs

You have to “reel in” the admission tutors with your opening paragraph because it greatly determines the attitude towards your writing. Catching the tutor’s attention is key here. If you’re not experienced enough in writing such paragraphs, you should resort to help from your friends or on the internet. Make your first bit of writing short and interesting.

Key points to consider when composing your personal statement

Whether a college essay writers are good or not solely depends on the quality of their personal statement which is why it is crucial to prepare yourself accordingly.

Be selective

The committee appreciates relevant and on-topic information. Don’t get carried away with what you’re composing and always think about how much importance every bit of writing poses.

Stick to a positive tone

Let your writing speak for itself. Show that you are confident and positive. This is the tone in which your statement should be written. Committee members value optimistic-minded applicants.

Edit and proofread

To look smart and educated, it is absolutely necessary to edit the imperfect bits and proofread your statement so that everything makes sense.
Do a research

Conduct thorough research about the school you are applying for, you should know about it as much as possible. When answering questions, compose your text in a way that makes you look confident about yourself

Avoid repetition of information

It might not seem obvious to all, but repeated information can really get on someone’s nerves, especially admission tutors that have to go through piles of works. If you mentioned something earlier, please refrain from going back to those details.

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