Some universities and school institutions ask you to write an article review. What does that actually mean? It means that you have to demonstrate your skills

when it comes down to writing and showing how you can extract information from the text, how you can analyze the article, how you can take what you can from what the author said and what things of your own you can add to it. It might be very useful to get to know not just the article itself, but to gather some information about the author, know where he or she is coming from, make sure that what he is saying actually reflects the truth and that all sources are valid. If you want to write a good article you have to actually care about what the author is saying, be at least to a degree interested in what he talks about since it’s a pretty time consuming task. Most articles are intended for various groups of people, they can range from scientists and lawyers to carpenters and engineers, and there also articles for a very niche group of people so bear that in mind.
Before sitting down to write a review of an article make sure that you have a solid outline ready. Be sure to plan everything out in every tiny detail, because a human brain cannot store all of the information at once and people are prone to forget things. This can be pretty crucial when writing an article review. Make sure that the article actually makes sense, that the article is logical and that it doesn’t have any overly complicated terms.
Be prepared to write a pretty well thought out thesis. In the main body you have to write everything about the author –whether he managed to elaborate on his point, whether his ideas are well structured and is his research based on proper sources. Additionally, here you have to provide arguments as well as counter-arguments. You can also try to find out was the writer’s motivation behind the article, was there a specific event that triggered it or maybe he stumbled upon the idea somewhere while doing something else at affordable papers . Look at the article from the point of view of aesthetics, look at how the sentences look together and whether his writing style is accessible, whether he used some complex terms or language that perhaps a very small number of people might be able to fully grasp. Look at how the sentences look on paper. In your conclusion make sure that you write about your own thoughts and opinions about the article, how do you feel about it, did the author manage to mention everything he could or is there something perhaps that could be added or improved upon. Write about how people can benefit from reading this article, whether it actually has any practical use, and what are some specific things that people can learn from it.

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