Me gustaría citar a Dan Gillmor (vía BoingBoing) en su último post el cual se refiere a la reelección de George W Bush:

There's no secret about what's coming. We don't have that excuse this time.

Here comes more fiscal recklessness -- as we widen the chasm between the ultra-wealthy and everyone else, cementing a plutocracy into our national fiber, we'll pay our national bills on the Treasury Bill credit card for the next few years. Many economists expect a Brazil-like financial crisis to hit the U.S. before the end of the decade. If we muddle our way though the near term, we'll still have left our kids with the bill.

Here comes an expansion of the American empire abroad, a fueling of fear and loathing elsewhere on the globe. This is also unsustainable in the end. Empire breeds disrespect.

Our civil liberties will shrink drastically. This president and his top allies in Congress fully support just one amendment in the Bill of Rights, the Second Amendment's right to bear arms. Say goodbye to abortion rights in most states. Roe v. Wade will fall after this president pushes three or four Scalia and Thomas legal clones onto the Supreme Court. Say hello, meanwhile, to a much more intrusive blending of church and state.

The environment? We'll be nostalgic for Ronald Reagan's time in office.

This is not sour grapes. This is reality.

Creo que lo más grave es que el americano promedio no piensa lo que acaban de leer, no creo que sean auto-críticos con su país o con su gobierno, más de la mitad del país votó por Bush, por una supuesta mejor seguridad. Ahora Estados Unidos está más dividido que antes, esperemos que las cosas no se pongan feas.

El pesimismo se siente en el aire y en el "cyber aire" también.